Finding time as a parent to do something meaningful with your kids is hard, which is why micro-adventures are a great way to spend time together.

We all know that spending quality time with our children is essential, but it can be hard in today’s busy world.

Mico Adventures gives you the opportunity for quick and easy adventures anywhere in the world that will make you feel closer than ever before. You’ll bond over shared experiences and create lasting memories (and don’t require booking an expensive vacation). All these experiences are free or low-cost, so you won’t have to break the bank! Please take one of our suggested mini adventures from home or on vacation, or come up with your ideas! The possibilities are endless…

What are micro-adventures?

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Micro adventures are short, simple, and spontaneous outdoor adventures. They’re a great way to get outside and have fun with your kids without spending much time or money.



Here are a few micro-adventure ideas for your family:

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Easy and quick to do, these micro-adventures will make the most of your time together with kids:

Micro-Adventure Day Trip – Pack up some hiking boots, grab a picnic lunch or dinner and take off on foot into the woods nearby! For bonus points, pack games like capture the flag or frisbee football so you can enjoy more active play while enjoying nature. If there is no park nearby, consider finding an exciting tree to hang your hammock and soak it all in from above. Hiking through new territory builds mental maps inside little heads and gives them unique experiences to talk about and remember.

Micro-Adventure Stargazing – Find a spot with few (or no) lights obstructing your view of the night sky and lay out a blanket to enjoy the stars. This can be done anywhere there is open land, but for bonus points, take it to higher ground like a hill or mountain for an even better view! Make star constellations together, try to find satellites zipping by, and see how many different kinds of stars you can spot. If you have binoculars bring them along too, they make this adventure even more fun.

Micro-Adventure Geocaching – A great way to explore new areas while getting some exercise, geocaching is essentially treasure hunting with an app on your smartphone. There are caches all over the place just waiting to be found, and most of them don’t take long to find, making them perfect for short micro-adventures. All you need is a handheld GPS device or even your smartphone with a geocaching app installed (I use Cachly & Geocaching Apps). You can find out more at

Micro-Adventure Camping – This goes without saying, but camping can quickly turn into a micro-adventure if you keep things simple. Pitch your tent in an exciting spot, cook dinner on a campfire and tell stories under the stars. If you want to make it more adventurous, try sleeping in another location than your campsite or going on an overnight hike!


Other simple ideas to get you started:

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– A nature scavenger hunt

– A trip to a nearby park or playground

– Building a campfire and cooking s’mores

– Going on a walk around your neighborhood

– Visiting a local museum or attraction.



Here are five tips for planning your micro-adventure:

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Pick a nearby location.

You don’t need to go far to have an enjoyable micro-adventure. Pick a park, hiking trail, or other outdoor location close to home.

Please keep it simple.

Micro adventures don’t need to be elaborate or complicated. The simpler, the better – this is about getting outside and having fun!

Pack light

You don’t need a lot of gear for a micro-adventure. Pick a micro-adventure based on what you have in your car or at home.

Keep it short and sweet.

Micro adventures are meant to be quick, so keep them that way! Plan an hour maximum for each micro-adventure – including driving time if necessary. If the kids get bored before then, end the micro-adventure early.

Have fun

Micro adventures are all about getting outside and having fun. Be creative and let the kids take the lead in planning activities.



In Summary

Your kids will be grateful for the memories you create together, and you’ll feel good about what you did. You deserve to have adventures that are simple, easy, and free. Go on micro-adventures today!


What are some of your favorite micro-adventures?

Could you share them in the comments below?

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